About Me



Welcome.  I’m an oil painter. I paint for personal enjoyment and on a commission basis. Oil painting is enjoyable for me because oils are very forgiving.  Corrections are simple; once the paint dries, it can be painted over.  I even like the smell of oils; the turpentine, varnish and linseed oil remind me of my school days.  


My painting career began over 45 years ago.  I studied drawing and painting at The Tringale Studio of Art in Woburn, Massachusetts.    Art was always a favorite subject of mine when growing up.  I spent most of my spare time drawing and coloring.  The grammar school I attended would have an art show every year.  The winners of the local show would then be entered into the Archdiocese of Boston’s Art Show.  When I was in the third grade, I won the local art show and then I placed third in the Boston show.   That experience shaped my painting career.


Most of my paintings are photo realistic but sometimes I feel like painting something a little looser.  I typically prefer still-life but every now and then a different subject will appeal to me and I’ll paint that.


I hope you enjoy viewing my work.